Teatralny Dom na Povarskoy
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Teatralny Dom na Povarskoy

A new interpretation of an eternal classic, Teatralny Dom na Povarskoy is bound to become a universally recognized masterpiece


From Stanislavsky and Meyerhold to modern aesthetics and a premium class of comfort. 

Address: 8/1/1 Povarskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
Total area: 42,510 square meters



Located in the very heart of Moscow near the intersection of Novy Arbat and Nikitsky Boulevard, Teatralny Dom will be duly appreciated by those who think that the world is a stage and they are the directors. A ten minute walk will get you from Teatralny Dom to the Kremlin, Okhotny Ryad, the White House, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Ostozhenka, Pushkin Square, the Prechistenskaya Embankment, and Patriarch’s Ponds.

Great transportation accessibility is achieved by the vicinity of Moscow’s main transportation arteries: Novy Arbat, the Garden Ring, Moskva River embankments, and the Boulevard Ring. Close by are the metro stations Arbatskaya, Biblioteka Imeni Lenina, and Pushkinskaya, which link the six main lines of the Moscow underground metro.

Living here you will always find time to go for a walk, to take a closer look at the architectural sites of previous centuries, watch the latest theatrical performances, and appreciate sophisticated cuisines at local restaurants. On your way back, you will slowly go along old Moscow streets and in 15 minutes, you will be back in the comfort of your home.


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