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Resort complex: Five Star Hotel and Apartments


Kamelia is a unique combination of a luxury class hotel and private apartments located on the Black Sea coast, in the picturesque Sochi district. The hotel’s classical style building, infrastructure, interiors designed by Alex Kravets (a renowned expert of luxury interiors), fountain cascades that lead down to the sea, and a Swissotel five star hotel service guarantee comfort and luxury.

Address: 89, Kurortny Prospect, Sochi
Total area: 52,776 square meters
Availability: 2013



The Kamelia resort complex is strategically located. On your way from the airport, you will not have to drive through the entire city. The resort is located 4 kilometers from the center of Sochi (for example, 4 kilometers from the Morskoy Railway Station). At the same time, you have all the advantages of being near the city.

Kamelia’s territory slowly descends from the Kurortny Prospect, Sochi’s most famous and longest street, to the beach. This landform abounds in the most beautiful views of the sea and the vast park, and at the same time makes a walk or a bicycle ride within the complex very rewarding.

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