Wine House Elite Residential Quarter
Classic elite apartments and luxury loft apartments in the center of Moscow.
  • Lot 57, Sadovnicheskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
  • 59,620 square meters
  • 4th quarter of 2016


We are changing Moscow. With a delicate approach to the city, with great respect for its citizens and its history, and with a desire to make the city even more beautiful, comfortable and exciting, we are changing Moscow. We stand for architecture that comes from the soul.

The main principle of our work is intelligence. Intelligent construction means preserving the historic surroundings in cities, using the latest in global technologies, creating a high-quality modern living environment, and respecting cultural values and traditions. And of course, intelligence goes hand in hand with our Motherland, the country which we live in, and whose victories and achievements make us proud...

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